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What is the BEST way to teach kids English?

Through FUN and GAMES!

Children love to play. Games are fun, engaging and a great way to practice vocabulary and grammar drills without the boredom of textbook style teaching.

Experienced teachers understand the value of games in English classes. The problem is that most professionally produced English language games are not suitable for children whose first language is not English. In many English classes around the world teachers must choose between activities that are educational OR activities that are fun. With our great package of games and teaching materials you can have classes that are educational AND fun!


The key to learning a foreign language, is to actually communicate real words and expressions that have meaning to students. Artificial drills and English used in textbooks don’t really connect with students. EFLfrog.com games provide a real context where students have to talk to each other in natural English to complete the activities.

TEFL Flash Cards for English Teachers – ESL and EFL

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Here is a list of all the flashcards you will get. (The Game Sets follow below)

Popular English Expressions Level A TEFL Flash Cards

Expressions A - English for Kids - Free ESL Flash cards

English Expressions A

I believe expressions like these are the absolute first step in learning any language. Even very young children can start having basic conversations from the very first class with common expressions. There are 25 expressions in this flash card set: Bathroom, please. Be quiet. Big voice. Cute. Excuse me. Good afternoon. Goodbye. Good evening. Good morning. Good night. Hello. Help me. Here you are. Hurry up. I don’t know. I’m finished. I’m sorry. It’s delicious. It’s scary. I won. Let’s play. One more time. See you later. Thank you. You’re welcome. Please let me know if you think I am missing any important expressions!

Verb Flash Cards Level A

Verbs A ESL Flash Cards - English for Kids

Verbs A ESL Flash Cards

Simple verbs that are great to get kids moving. Use them in TPR and charades type games.

Family TEFL Flash Cards

Family - ESL Flash Cards - English for Kids

Family ESL Flash Cards


The cards include family, grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, brother, sister and baby.

Colors ESL Flash Cards

Colors ESL Flash Cards - English for Kids

Colors ESL Flash Cards


There are 15 colors: black, blue, dark blue, light blue, brown, grey, dark grey, green, light green, orange, pink, purple, red, white and yellow.

Body Parts ESL Flash Cards

Body Parts - ESL Flash Cards - English for Kids

Body Parts Flash Cards


There are 15 images in this set: back, ears, eyes, feet, fingers, hands, head, knees, legs, mouth, nose, shoulders, stomach, teeth and toes.


Fruit ESL Flash Cards

Fruit ESL Flash Cards - English for Kids

Fruit ESL Flash Cards

There are 17 flash cards in this set all in the plural from with the “s” in red to highlight the differences between singular and plural.

Vegetables TEFL Flash Cards for Kids

Vegetables ESL Flash Cards - English for Kids

Vegetables ESL Flash Cards


21 flash cards with “a” or “an” to contrast with the plurals in the fruit flash cards. Only the “peas” and “vegetables” cards are plural.

Phonics Flash Cards for Kids Level A

Phonics 1 ESL Flash Cards - English for Kids

Phonics 1 ESL Flash Cards

This cards are for the first step in phonics awareness for students. Basic phonetic sounds are linked to images so that students can associate sounds to lower case letters (phoneme to grapheme).

Likes TEFL Flash Cards

Likes ESL Flash Cards - English for Kids

Likes ESL Flash Cards

There are 26 cards in this set including an image with a gesture for ‘like.’ The words include bread, cats, chocolate, cockroaches, coffee, cookies, dogs, dolphins, eggs, English, french fries, fruit, hamburgers, ice cream, insects, like, milk, orange juice, pizza, school, sharks, snakes, spaghetti, vegetables, video games, and ABCfrog (the main character of my sites).

Animals TEFL Flash Cards

Animals - ESL Flash Cards - English for Kids

Animals Flash Cards

There are 31 cards, including ‘animals.’ All cards are singular with the indefinite article “a” or “an” on each card in red.

Food TEFL Flash Cards

Food ESL Flash Cards - English for Kids

Food ESL Flash Cards

There are 27 flash cards in this set including: bread, cake, cereal, chicken, coffee, cookies, curry, eggs, french fries, hamburgers, hot dogs, ice cream, milk, orange juice, pancakes, pepper, pizza, ramen, rice, salad, salt, sandwiches, soup, spaghetti, tea, water and food. All are in plural or uncountable forms. This is also a great set to teach adults and older students countable and uncountable nouns.

‘How are You?’ TEFL Flash Cards

How are you? ESL Flash Cards - English for Kids

How are you? ESL Flash Cards

There are twelve images in this set including, “How are you?”

Level A TEFL Game Set for Children

Printable Games to Teach Children English (ESL or EFL)

The games package includes 10 sets of colorful, professionally designed cards with vivid images to help children learn English through fun and engaging games. The first game set Level A, is designed for novice English language learners of approximate age 4 and above. The games can also be used as a supplement to lower level adult classes. Even senior citizens have fun playing the games. Anything is better than those boring text book drills.

What will get with the EFLfrog.com Level A Game Set?

  • 60 professionally designed multi-use game boards teaching hundreds of vocabulary and various English language targets that you print yourself.
  • There are hundreds of professionally designed images that appeal to children, all in a similar style and theme.
  • Detailed instruction manual for different uses of the games. Each game is not just one game, it can be used in many different ways.
  • Free online games at ABCfrog.com. The vocabulary and grammar can be practiced online with fun, educational games. Your students will be able to review and practice the targets outside of regular class hours.

How to Use the Games:

  • As a warm up. Games are a fun way to get children comfortable learning English and gives them the courage to speak without anxiety.
  • To introduce a new grammar target or vocabulary set. All the games can used for multiple purposes. The Fruits cards can be used for plurals. The Food cards can be used for likes. The vegetable cards can be used for countable and uncountable nouns. etc.
  • As a filler at the end of the class if you run out of things to do.
  • To practice the target grammar or vocabulary you are teaching.
  • For a fun review of previously learned targets.
  • To keep more advanced students occupied while you assist weaker students.
  • To enable new students joining an existing class to settle more easily.
  • To review vocabulary or grammar targets introduced at an earlier stage.

Why should you buy this game package?

  • Your classes will become more exciting, fun and productive.
  • You will reduce your class preparation time, while increasing the effectiveness of your classes.
  • Your students will get a thrill out of studying and thereby have the incentive to learn more English, much more quickly.
  • These games have been developed and tested by professional teachers. They have been in use for many years in a variety of classroom environments. They are fun and they work.
  • The game packages will save you hundreds of hours of work that you would spend creating your own materials
  • Never run out of activities to do in a class again.
  • The games facilitate pair work so that your students will talk to each other more.
  • If the games get damaged or lost, you will be able to re-print them, so they will essentially last forever.
  • 90% of all the content we create is completely free. Buying this set will help fund more materials and resources.

But I can make my own games.
Yes, that is true. Many teachers can and do make their own printed games. It is possible to download clipart images and make your own bingo games, card games and board games. What we offer is high quality games with a consistent theme and design, for a reasonable price. Unless you are a professional illustrator, it will be hard to match the quality of these games. In fact, it is unlikely that you will find any other ESL or EFL  games of this quality and at this price anywhere.

Using our game sets will save you hundreds of hours of preparation time, searching for images, arranging them on pages, editing, aligning, etc. Each flashcard and gameset we sell works out to about 10 cents per page.  It would easily take you one or two hours to make each card. If your time is worth more than $0.10 per hour then purchasing these flash cards and game sets will be a great cost and time saving.

Here is what you will get in Game Set A.

1. Numbers Game Set – 6 student cards teaching the numbers 1 to 25.

Numbers Game Cards

Numbers Game Cards


2. Colors Game Set – 6 student cards teaching 15 popular colors.

Colors Game Cards

Colors Game Cards

3. Verbs Game Set – 6 student cards teaching 20 popular single word verbs.

Verbs Game Cards

Verbs Game Cards

4. Fruits Game Set – 6 student cards teaching 16 fruits in the plural.

Fruit Game Cards

Fruit Game Cards

5. Vegetables Game Set– 6 student cards teaching 16 vegetables, countable and uncountable nouns, and indefinite articles (a/an).

Vegetable Game Set

Vegetable Game Set

6. Animals Game Set – 6 student cards teaching 25 animals with indefinite articles (a/an).

Animal Game Set

Animal Game Set

7. Food Game Set– 6 student cards teaching 25 popular food items and likes.

Food Game Set

Food Game Set

8. Likes Game Set– 6 student cards teaching 25 likes, plurals and uncountable nouns.

Likes Game Set

Likes Game Set

9. Prepositions Game Set – 6 student cards teaching on, in and under with singluar and plural nouns.

Prepositions Game Set

Prepositions Game Set

10. Singular/Plural Game Set– 6 student cards teaching singular and plural with three letter words.

Singular/Plural Game Set

Singular/Plural Game Set

11. Level A Instruction Manual and Game Ideas– an eBook of instructions for printing and using the cards with variations to use the game sets in interesting ways. Each game set is not just one game. They can all be played in numerous ways for different abilities of students and for different purposes. My eBook will give you many ideas to keep your classes exciting.

Instruction Manual and Game Ideas.

The game documents are compressed in a zip file. Most computers come with the software already installed, but if you don’t have it you can find some free online software like Free Zip Wizard and WinRar.

All of the games and manual are in PDF (Portable Document Format). You will need the free software, Adode Reader to view and print the these games. If you are using a recent computer, it is likely that you already have Adobe Reader installed. If you don’t have it, you can download it from here for free. It is easy to install and you can do it now in less than a minute.

Get the Adobe Reader for Free.

Get the Adobe Reader for Free.


Your purchase will help support our non-profit work around the world and help get quality English teaching materials to needy teachers.
Buy the Level A Flashcards and Game Sets Now


If you are not completely happy with your purchase, please email me at the address below and I will refund your money.