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7 Common Errors of English Teachers

Most English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teachers start teaching with very little training and often end up making it up as they go. I know, I was there. I made all the common mistakes and I didn’t even know I was teaching ineffective classes until I started studying more about teaching and had aContinue Reading

The Two Biggest Mistakes of English Teachers

Learning a foreign language is easy. All you need is lots of repetition at a level appropriate to your understanding. These two key factors; repetition and comprehensible input, are so important to language acquisition that they are also the greatest mistakes that foreign language teachers make. English Teacher Mistake 1 – Teaching at a WrongContinue Reading

Are Textbooks Effective in TEFL or ESL Classes?

I have personally shifted out of using textbooks in most of my classes, from children to adults. There are many reasons for this which I will mention in this article and in future posts. Textbooks have been the central focus of education for so long that even experienced teachers have trouble imagining any other wayContinue Reading

TESL and TEFL are NOT the Same

English as a Second Language (ESL) and English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) are NOT the same. Many schools, teachers, authors and other professionals use these words interchangeably, which wouldn’t be such a problem if it were merely a lexical error. The real problem stems from the fact that most teachers continue to adhere toContinue Reading