ESL Game Ideas

Flashcards to Teach Kids English

Here are some great games that are perfect for EFL and ESL students. Don’t be afraid to try them with your adult classes as well, all students love to play games.

ESL Game Tips

  • Don’t explain new ESL games to your students, just play the game. They will learn by playing.
  • Try each game several times with different age groups. Different classes will like different games so don’t be afraid to experiment.
  • There is no such thing as a bad game. The teacher has a huge impact on how exciting any ESL game will be. If you are enthusiastic and excited, your students will be also.
  • Remember that the language you use around the game will often be more important than the target vocabulary. Use English at all times. Get children to use expressions like (Let’s play a game. Here you are. It’s my turn. Whose turn is it? Where is it? etc.) There are many good expressions to start with in Popular English Expressions A flash card download.
  • There is little reason to do flash card drills. Children learn more and faster with games, so always play games.

A simple game that is great for reviewing or learning any vocabulary set.

New Card, Please!
Here is a fun game to play with any vocabulary set with four identical cards of each word or phrase.

Memory Pairs (Concentration)
An traditional children’s card game that is great for ESL and EFL classes. Even older students like this game because of the memory focus.

Here it is!
This is another memory game using flash cards, but only requires one of a kind.

Hang Man
Here are some variations of the popular children’s game for ESL lessons.

How Many Can You Say?
Great game to quickly review vocabulary that the students have already been practicing.

What is it? – ESL Game Ideas
Another game that is great for review purposes. It is most fun if you have real toys or objects but any flash card set will work as well.

I Love It! – ESL Game Ideas
Fun game to practice likes and dislikes with kids running to different corners of the room.

True or Flash – ESL Game Ideas
A good game to practice personal sentences in small or large classes. It can also be a fun warm up to get classes started.