Band – ESL Game Idea

Flashcards to Teach Kids English

Target Vocabulary: Any vocabulary set.

Materials: Flash cards are helpful but not necessary

Game Play:

A very simple and effective way to practice vocabulary or expressions is to simply assign each student a word or phrase and have them say it on cue. The teacher acts like a band conductor and just points to students to get them to stand up and say the English word or phrase. The teacher can give students flash cards of the words they have to say, or just have the students remember the word.

This game is particularly effective to review words that students have trouble with. It can be used with any vocabulary set but I usually use this game when students are having problems with just a few specific words. For example, some students may regularly forget a month, day of the week or number. After this game they will never forget again. 🙂

Even though this is a simple drill, it can be a lot of fun because students always have to be on guard to wait for their cue to speak. I usually only place for a couple of minutes and then go on to other activities in the class. However, once students are immersed in a new game, I will point at random students to cue them to say their word again. Students really enjoy being challenged and surprised like this.

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