Hang Man – ESL Game Ideas

Flashcards to Teach Kids English

Target Vocabulary: Any vocabulary set.

Materials: Any flash cards that have two of a kind or are opposites.

Game Play:
This can be played like the traditional kids game where each incorrect answer gets one part of the man drawn, or with a points scoring system like the American TV show, Wheel Of Fortune. (ie. 1 point per correctly guessed letter.) That latter system makes it easier to create a competitive game. It’s not necessary for students to be proficient readers, as this is a great game to practice spelling new words they have learned.

Vary the difficulty of words for the skill level of the class. For the most advanced students, use whole phrases. It’s often better not to allow the students to guess the whole word once they have a few letters in place. That way, they get to remember common spelling mistakes caused by confusion between ‘L’ & ‘R’, ‘B’ & ‘V’, ‘A’ & ‘U’ etc. For larger classes, or those of varying ability, it’s best to divide the students into teams. For smaller classes, of equal ability, the students can play individually.

Note 1: You don’t have to only draw a man hanging. It might be better to draw a sad face instead.
Note 2: For older students, I like varieties like falling from an airplane and landing in a shark infested ocean that you draw on a board. Another fun idea is a pirates plank where you mark of 5 or 6 steps and then the character falls in the ocean.

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