How Many Can You Say? – ESL Game Ideas

Flashcards to Teach Kids English

Target Vocabulary: Any vocabulary set.

Materials: No materials are necessary, but flash cards can help.

Game Play:
This is a great game for reviewing vocabulary that is already well known. Choose a category like fruit, colors or words beginning with ‘B’. Each student, in turn, has to name an item within the vocabulary group. A chip, or point is awarded for each correct answer. The same word may not be repeated by another student. The game can either be timed, or continues until the student’s can’t think of new words. It’s important to maintain a fast pace. Give the students just three seconds to answer (a little more for weaker students) and they miss their turn if they are too slow. The winner is the student with the most chips or points.

In order to make the game fairer, divide students into teams and mix weaker students with stronger ones. Remember, not every game has to be competitive. Have all the students work together to get all the words together. The challenge of finishing as a can be more fun than competition.

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