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Flashcards to Teach Kids English

Target Vocabulary: Practicing yes/no questions, or any vocabulary.

Materials: Flash cards, physical objects or toys.

Game Play:

Choose a set of flash cards that your students are familiar with. Hold the cards facing away from the students so that they can’t see the picture. The teacher looks at the first card and asks, “What is it/are they?”/ “What is he doing?” etc. Each student in turn asks “Is it a monkey?”, “Are they grapes?” “Is he running?” etc. Continue around the class until someone guesses correctly, and hand them the card. If the card hasn’t been guessed correctly within 2 or 3 turns the teacher says, “Sorry, it’s a….” and reveals the card to the students. Repeat the process for the next card in your hand. The student with the most cards at the end is the winner. Again, it’s not necessary to use the whole set of flash cards because they will be practicing lots of different vocabulary in any case. 5-8 minutes, depending upon the size of the class, should be sufficient if a fast pace is maintained throughout.

Note 1: This game is much more fun if you have real objects hidden behind a cloth or towel. Students can guess from the shape or they can come up and feel the object through the cloth. This is a lot of fun for little children and is great for a more physical learning style.

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