True or False – ESL Game Idea

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Target Vocabulary: Any sentence.

Materials: No, materials needed.

Game Play:
This game is better for older or intermediate students. Have students write down two sentences about themselves that are true and two that are false. Make sure they keep it a secret from other students. For example, “I like tomatoes.”, “I play soccer.”, “My mother’s name is Tomoko.”, “I have a dog.” etc.

Have them cut out the four sentences with scissors and mix up the order. Then have each student come up and read their four sentences.

The other students put a thumbs up if they think it is true or a thumbs down if they think it is false. The students who guessed correctly are awarded a chip or point. The student with the most chips/points at the end is the winner.

Note 1: A variation of this game that is to have only one false and three true sentences and have the other students guess which is false. This is a great warm up activity as well. The teacher can write the four sentences on the board before the students arrive.

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