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Printable ESL Students Phonics Cards

Printable ESL Students Phonics Cards

The Flash Cards are completely free. Just share this link on Twitter or Facebook to get access to the download link.

You have permission to print and share but please do not edit or sell. Thank you.

The full color images are B5 size (17.6 cm X 25 cm) and in PDF format. You will need the free Acrobat reader to view and print.

ESL Phonics Cards Instructions

The cards are in a compressed zip file. Most computers should have software to uncompress the file.

After you extract the file, you will see two  PDF documents. The student cards have a Front and Back version and are meant to be printed on a single B5 size sheet of heavier grade paper.

This is a card for your students to refer to when they are doing phonics and writing activities. The back side of the card shows the stroke order for both upper and lower case characters.

These cards are great for writing activities and games. Have children sound out words from the image cues. For example, ‘pen’ ‘puh puh panda, e, e elephant, nuh, nuh, nut.’

The cards can be used individually in groups. Children can write in their own notebooks, on a white board or they can make words with alphabet flash cards or plastic letters.

Try to make the writing exercises a game whenever possible. For example, when children correctly write a word have them throw a ball in a basket. Experiment with different activities to see what your children enjoy most.

TIP: Interesting and educational posters and images on your walls give students opportunities to review English before and after class time. The more review the better.