Race Car ESL Game – English for Kids

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Race Car ESL Game - English for Kids

Race Car ESL Game

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Race Car ESL Game Instructions

This is a great game to play with virtually any English target or vocabulary set. Basically, it is just an interesting activity to distract students from the fact that they are actually learning and practicing English.

You will need to print out the three race cars onto the heaviest paper that your printer can handle. After printing, cut out the cars and laminate them if at all possible. After laminating, cut around the cars once more leaving at least 5 millimeters of space beyond the original paper cut outs. Try to cut around the cars in smooth lines so that you don’t have any sharp corners to catch on the carpet when playing the game.

This type of game is very versatile because it can be used in a large variety of ways. Keep in mind that this is exactly the type of game you should be on the look out for as a teacher. Something that is fun and can be used in many ways.

How to Play

Fold the tails of the race cars up so that they are at about a 30 degree bend. This will allow students to blow or fan the cars forward to the goal. Be sure to instruct children not to touch the cars, because they will naturally want to fold the tail more. With too much handling the tails will not hold their shape and will have to be re-printed.

For younger children play on a table or hard wood floor if possible because the cars will slide easier on a smooth surface. For older children, try to play on a carpet because the rough surface will make it more challenging to blow the car. You can also use a large, hard covered book or paper fan to propel the cars.

If playing on the floor, set up a clear start and finish line. If playing on a table, the winning team will be the first to fall off the end of the table.

Break the class up into three teams and have the first member from each team answer a question or read a flash card. The first to respond gets to blow the race car forward. Remember to help the slower teams catch up by asking them more questions.

Have Fun!