TEFL Flash Cards for Kids

Flashcards to Teach Kids English

TEFL Flash Cards for Kids

Here are many flash card sets designed to teach kids English.  Just click the images of the flash cards below and on the next page click the “Pay with a Tweet or Facebook” button.

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Popular English Expressions Level A- TEFL Flash Cards

Expressions A - English for Kids - Free ESL Flash cards

English Expressions A

I believe expressions like these are the absolute first step in learning any language. Even very young children can start having basic conversations from the very first class with common expressions. There are 25 expressions in this flash card set: Bathroom, please. Be quiet. Big voice. Cute. Excuse me. Good afternoon. Goodbye. Good evening. Good morning. Good night. Hello. Help me. Here you are. Hurry up. I don’t know. I’m finished. I’m sorry. It’s delicious. It’s scary. I won. Let’s play. One more time. See you later. Thank you. You’re welcome. Please let me know if you think I am missing any important expressions!

Verb TEFL Flash Cards Level A

Verbs A ESL Flash Cards - English for Kids

Verbs A ESL Flash Cards

Simple verbs that are great to get kids moving. Use them in TPR and charades type games.

Family TEFL Flash Cards for Kids

Family - ESL Flash Cards - English for Kids

Family ESL Flash Cards


The cards include family, grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, brother, sister and baby.

Colors TEFL Flashcards

Colors ESL Flash Cards - English for Kids

Colors ESL Flash Cards


There are 15 colors: black, blue, dark blue, light blue, brown, grey, dark grey, green, light green, orange, pink, purple, red, white and yellow.

Body Parts Flash Cards to Teach Kids English

Body Parts - ESL Flash Cards - English for Kids

Body Parts Flash Cards


There are 15 images in this set: back, ears, eyes, feet, fingers, hands, head, knees, legs, mouth, nose, shoulders, stomach, teeth and toes.


Fruit TEFL Flash Cards

Fruit ESL Flash Cards - English for Kids

Fruit ESL Flash Cards

There are 17 flash cards in this set all in the plural from with the “s” in red to highlight the differences between singular and plural.

Vegetables TEFL Flash Cards

Vegetables ESL Flash Cards - English for Kids

Vegetables ESL Flash Cards


21 flash cards with “a” or “an” to contrast with the plurals in the fruit flash cards. Only the “peas” and “vegetables” cards are plural.

Phonics TEFL Flash Cards Level A

Phonics 1 ESL Flash Cards - English for Kids

Phonics 1 ESL Flash Cards

This cards are for the first step in phonics awareness for students. Basic phonetic sounds are linked to images so that students can associate sounds to lower case letters (phoneme to grapheme).

Likes TEFL Flash Cards

Likes ESL Flash Cards - English for Kids

Likes ESL Flash Cards

There are 26 cards in this set including an image with a gesture for ‘like.’ The words include bread, cats, chocolate, cochroaches, coffee, cookies, dogs, dolphins, eggs, English, french fries, fruit, hamburgers, ice cream, insects, like, milk, orange juice, pizza, school, sharks, snakes, spaghetti, vegetables, video games, and ABCfrog (the main character of my sites).

Animals TEFL Flash Cards

Animals - ESL Flash Cards - English for Kids

Animals Flash Cards

There are 31 cards, including ‘animals.’ All cards are singular with the indefinite article “a” or “an” on each card in red.

Food TEFL Flash Cards

Food ESL Flash Cards - English for Kids

Food ESL Flash Cards

There are 27 flash cards in this set including: bread, cake, cereal, chicken, coffee, cookies, curry, eggs, french fries, hamburgers, hot dogs, ice cream, milk, orange juice, pancakes, pepper, pizza, ramen, rice, salad, salt, sandwiches, soup, spaghetti, tea, water and food. All are in plural or uncountable forms. This is also a great set to teach adults and older students countable and uncountable nouns.

‘How are You?’ TEFL Flash Cards

How are you? ESL Flash Cards - English for Kids

How are you? ESL Flash Cards

There are twelve images in this set including, “How are you?”


Can (Abilities) TEFL Flash Cards

Can (abilities) ESL Flash Cards

Can (abilities) ESL Flash Cards

There are 21 full-colour flash cards in this set including: “Can you _____”, do karate, drive a car, play baseball, play guitar, play the piano, play tennis, ride a bicycle, sing an English song, swim, jump rope, dance, snowboard, fly, cook eggs , speak English, use a computer, draw a picture, read English books, ride a unicycle and speak Japanese.

The Following TEFL Flash Cards are Not Yet Available

How is the weather?

Here are the flash cards in this set: ‘How is the weather?’ ‘It’s windy.’ ‘It’s cloudy.’ ‘It’s cold.’ ‘It’s hot.’ ‘It’s raining.’ ‘It’s snowing.’ ‘It’s sunny.’ ‘It’s cool.’ ‘It’s warm.’ ‘It’s humid.’ ‘spring’ ‘summer’ ‘fall’ ‘winter’

The flash cards below are not uploaded yet, but will be soon. Stay tuned!

Questions Flash Cards

Questions Flash Cards

This is the shortest and probably one of the most important flash card sets. There are five questions: Who?, What? Where? When? and Why?. Getting your students to answer and ask questions in a variety of contexts is the key to building real communicative classrooms.

Have Flash Cards

Have Flash Cards to Teach EFL or ESL

There are 26 cards in this set including ‘Do you have ________?” The rest of the cards are ‘a pencil’ ‘a ring’ ‘a bicycle’ ‘a watch’ ‘a yo-yo’ ‘ a car’ ‘a cat’ ‘a computer’ ‘a dog’ ‘a doll’ ‘a goldfish’ ‘a guitar’ ‘a hamster’ ‘a house key’ ‘a pet’ ‘a stereo’ ‘a turtle’ ‘a TV’ ‘a video game’ ‘a brother’ ‘a sister’ ‘a snake’ ‘a backpack’ ‘a wallet’ and ‘a teddy bear.’
Adjective Flash Cards

Free Adjective Flash Cards for English Teachers (EFL / ESL)

Here are 32 adjective flash cards including: angry, bad, big, cold, dark, difficult, easy, fast, good, happy, hard, heavy, high, hot, light (bright), light (weight), long, low, noisy, pretty, quiet, sad, short (height), short (length), slow, small, smelly, soft, tall, thick, thin and ugly.



Can (Abilities) Flash Cards

Can (Abilities) Flash Cards to Teach Children English (EFL/ESL)

There are 21 cards in this set: Can you ______?, do karate, drive a car, play baseball, play guitar, play the piano, play tennis, ride a bicycle, sing an English song, swim, jump rope, dance, snowboard, fly, cook eggs, speak English, use a computer, draw a picture, read English books, ride a unicycle and speak Japanese.



Clothing Flash Cards

Clothing Flash Cards to Teach English (EFL / ESL)

There are 21 cards in this set: a belt, boots, a cap, a dress, gloves, a hat, a jacket, jeans, pants, a scarf, a shirt, shoes, shorts, a skirt, sneakers, socks, a sweater, a sweatshirt, a T-shirt, underwear and a vest.



School Flash Cards

School Flash Cards for ESL and EFL

There are 22 flash cards in the School Set including: a backpack, a bag, a binder, a blackboard, a book, a bookshelf, a chair, a clock, crayons, a desk, an eraser, a globe, glue, a notebook, a pen, a pencil, a pencil case, a pencil sharpener, a ruler, scissors, a teacher, a map, a whiteboard and school.



Toys Flash Cards

Free Toys Flash Cards for ESL/EFL

There are 12 flash cards in this set including: toys, a ball, blocks, a doll, a game, a jump rope, a puzzle, a teddy bear, a top, a toy car, a video game and a yo-yo.

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