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Vegetables ESL Flash Cards - English for Kids

Vegetables ESL Flash Cards

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The full color images are B5 size (17.6 cm X 25 cm) and in PDF format. You will need the free Acrobat reader to view and print.The full color images are B5 size (17.6 cm X 25 cm) and in PDF format. You will need the free Acrobat reader to view and print.

Vegetables – ESL Flash Cards Game Ideas and Tips

The flash cards include countable and uncountable nouns along with the indefinite article”a/an.”

For young children it is not important to explain the reason for countable or uncountable nouns. I just point out the “a/an” to indicate that it is only one. Don’t forget to contrast with plurals when you can. For example, “a carrot, two carrots” or “I like carrots.” Really accent the “a” and ending “s” so that children notice.

I think it is also helpful to write important language points in a different color whenever you can. That is why the “a/an” and “s” are in red on the flash cards.

A new game you can try is the What is it Game. After a few classes of covering vegetables, play a game where the images on the cards are covered by another flash card.

Slowly reveal part of the image and have students guess what it is. Keep repeating “What is it?” and have students answer with “a/an” if appropriate. You can then start introducing complete sentences, “It is lettuce.” or “It is an eggplant.”

I always encourage EFL students to answer in full sentences because it makes sure they completely understand the grammar and review formulating answers just like the questions they hear. One word answers do not provide the same level of review.

“It is a carrot.” is a much better answer than just “carrot.” Answering in a full sentence like this shows that students can use the indefinite article “a” and can use the grammar “It is.” That is three language targets compared to just “carrot.”

TIP: Children learn best through games and activities where they have to think. Find more creative ways to use the flash cards than just flipping through boring flash card drills. The simple What is it Game can be a lot of fun and it helsp students remember because students have to actively guess.

I hope you like the flash cards. Singular and plural are important concepts for beginning students to grasp. Don’t teach a class on this language target, but point out the “a/an” and plural “s” regularly every class until students are comfortably using this grammar.