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Verbs A ESL Flash Cards - English for Kids

Verbs A ESL Flash Cards

The Flash Cards are completely free. Just share this link on Twitter or Facebook to get access to the download link.

The full color images are B5 size (17.6 cm X 25 cm) and in PDF format. You will need the free Acrobat reader to view and print.

Verbs A Flash Cards Game Ideas and Tips

Verbs are great because they get children out of their chairs and moving. I try to play action games in the middle of the class to break apart class activities and give the kids a fun break after some homework checking or reading.

It only takes a few minutes to play a verb game in class so I recommend using the verb cards every class until kids really understand and can use the words effectively.

Like the expressions cards from last week, you can start by saying the verbs and just have the children physically act out the movements. Once they get more proficient move to games like charades or Pictionary (A game where students draw the expression and other students have to guess the English).

Start off with just the words but slowly move to more complete sentences as students get more proficient.

TIP: Try many variations of games with different age groups to see what works and doesn’t. Just because an activity bombs with one class, doesn’t mean it won’t work with other classes, ages or skill levels.